Our Vision is a Wellness Ministry:

To heal and integrate our physical body, mind and the soul, so that we can find our true self and grace to love.


  • The awareness of your innate self-healing capabilities.
  • The application and teaching of phytotherapy to heal or prevent diseases. 
  • To educate the individual on how to create a healing centred life in one’s family, community and the environment.
  • To attain true health and holistic spirituality

Protect Human Dignity

We respect each individual regardless of race, religion, culture or lifestyle choices, and believe each individual has a right to professional and healing centred care that protects his/her dignity, privacy, and allows the patient to make informed choices in his/her health care.

Community Service

We strive to support social projects that improve health, quality of life and education for the poor and disadvantaged.

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Our Product

We use pharmaceutical and practitioner grade medicinal products that are approved by authorities such as TGA (Australia’s regulatory authority for therapeutic goods). All clinical products prescribed for the client are subjected to rigorous testing, ensuring safety and efficacy. Unlike over the counter health supplements, our herbal medicine and supplements are of clinical strength providing optimal results.  Whenever possible we aim to source organically grown and wild crafted herbs. Our TGA licence no. is 153905.

Respecting for the Environment

We strive to adopt lifestyle solutions that promote respect for the environment while enhancing health and quality of life. Eco practices are practiced in the clinic and in our activities such as plant based diet, recycling, minimum paper work, cell phone use to minimum etc.