The Key to Optimal Health and Transformational Wellness

  • Why do some people keep falling sick?
  • Why do some people fall sick often despite eating a healthy diet, supplements and regular exercise?
  • Why do some people recover from sickness better than others?
  • Why do some people fail to be well despite medications and regular screening?
  • Why traditional or natural medicine not helping?
  • What makes some people prone to depression or anxiety?
  • Why doesn’t heaven bless me with health, despite all kinds of spiritual and psychological exercises?
  • How to achieve natural rejuvenation, transformational wellness and fruitful aging?

Discover the answers in the book Leaf to Life

4.7 out of 5 rating in Amazon dated March 2015




The book is available in major book stores including Popular, Kinokuniya and MPH or visit our online shop

《綠葉之源• 生命之泉》- 為真原健康開創新天地的一本真原醫書。

Price: SGD 30.00

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Leaf to Life: Unlock Nature’s Secrets to True Health

Price: SGD 30.00

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