Leaf to Life: Unlock Nature’s Secrets to True Health

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Heal yourself, your family and your community


Get ready to be transformed - physically, psychologically and spiritually. 



Leaf to Life – The Original Medicine Book That Sets a New Frontier in Original Wellness.

Sebastian Liew, a leading medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy, released his 2rd edition of the book Leaf to Life. The English edition is sold world-wide since its launch in 2013. Thousands have benefitted from his wellness approach.

The book is compelling and makes the subject of wellness appealing to anyone who is seeking drug free and holistic transformative tools to realize optimal wellness. It’s common to hear People [deleted original text] lament, ‘I am not sick, but I am not quite well.’ 

The book includes the 7 Sacred Letters of Wellness™ and 9 Credos of Wellness™ that set the right foundation for original and long term sustainable wellness for all – children, adults and the elderly, the kind of vibrant and integrated life that people have always wanted but do not know how to implement.

Readers of this book have expressed great admiration for the book because it answers all the missing elements and blind spots in wellness circles, and as one reader said, ‘one can simply open to any page randomly and be guided on the true essence of health.’


Praises for Leaf to life


“This book provides some wonderful insights and practical advice from the knowledge base of both Eastern and Western healing traditions.”

 - Professor Kerry Bone, School of Applied Clinical Nutrition, New York Chiropractic College - USA



“This is a reference book rather than a book that one would simply pick up to read for relaxation.  It is a book to be studied and its contents to be reflected upon. The 7 Sacred Letters of Wellness teaches us an approach to life and wellness that I have heard and seen, but never condensed into one book such as this.” 

- Dr Lionel Lau, PhD, Microbiologist, Singapore  


“The result that we can find in this book is a beautiful path of life empowerment, holistic health, and openness to God, who gives of Himself in so many areas of our lives. Welcome to the journey!”  

- Fr. Bruno Saint Girons, MEP (Paris Foreign Missions Society) 


“This book covers various disciplines of naturopathy such as diet therapy, nutritional medicine, psycho-spiritual health, lifestyle modification, current health, and social issues, along with the use of whole plants and plant substances to prevent and treat diseases based on clinical, evidence-based guidelines.” 

- Dr. Tan C. H., MD, Secretary General, Society of Sport and Exercise Medicine, Malaysia


“The application of botanicals to manage a wide range of common illnesses has been well-documented since time immemorial. In this regard, this book has set a ‘gold standard’ for their long tradition of uses with objective clinical research.”

- Dr. Patrick Loh H. M., PhD, Plant Scientist, Singapore


Leaf to Life

By Sebastian Liew

The book is also available at Amazon Kindle and your local bookstores. Ask your local book stores for copies of the book.

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