Varicella (Chicken pox)

Just prior to the Chinese New year week, my son was down with chickenpox. The symptom – red dots becoming vesicles and milky white blisters, was very widespread all over the body. At the same time, he was suffering from low grade fever.  A consultation with Sebastian involved herbs for his immunity and a blend to be applied topically on the affected areas.  Surprisingly, he hardly complained of any severe itch, which is often associated with chickenpox. My son’s fever was healed within 2 or 3 days and the symptoms were all cleared within 10 to 12 days.  

He also advised my 8 years old daughter to take some Phytolec and Bertram tablets for some protection against chicken pox.  However, my daughter did get infected with chickenpox’s symptoms. But her ‘breakout’ was very mild. She recovered completely after 6 to 7 days.  

Neo Jing Guan - student

Loss of appetite and weight (children)

When my baby refuses to take solid food in her 8th month, many mummies told me that babies usually do not have good appetite as they are adjusting to solid food. This is a valid reason for me until I brought her to see Sebastian. I didn’t expect indigestion to be the real culprit for her poor appetite until then. From my understanding, it was quite impossible to believe that she has indigestion if she was passing motion almost everyday. I was told by Sebastian to give her spelt grain instead of other rice grains and to give her almond milk if I have decided to wean her off from breastmilk. I followed his instruction strictly and was really amazed to see great improvement in her appetite within few days. Currently, she will pass motion at least twice a day. In just two months, she has gained about 2kg in weight and is definitely a more cheerful and happier baby than before


Neo Poh Har - housewife

High blood pressure

Didn't  realised my blood pressure had silently crept up on the high side. Only came to know about it when I visited  a doctor when I was not feeling well. 

After my visit,  I was  extremely concerned of the risk and consequences of high blood ; as well as the dreadful thoughts of going on medication for the indefinite long term.

I came to know of Dr. Sebastian through my wife. He is extremely approachable and offered an alternative route to manage my high blood pressure with a herbal tea called Phytocel and other herbal remedies he had developed over the years. 

Within a short period of time,  Dr. Sebastian was able to help me bring down my blood pressure to within a healthy range. To which  I'm truly grateful.

SL NOTE: Contrary to belief, you don't have to be on high blood medication (or not all in the first place) if you treat the root cause. The herbs in Phytocel promotes optimal function of the liver, kidneys and the circulatory system, which often are impaired.

Philip de Souza - Self employed


I am happy to share that I have received a good interim results from my gynacologist on 29 Oct 11.One fibroid lodged in the middle of my uterus (dangerous to operate) had completely disappeared while the other fibroids had shrunk in size.
I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids a few years ago. They were regarded as small. However, my last check up on 12 Aug 11 showed that a few of them have grown to about 3 cm, about 1.5 times the last check up.

The gynaecologist suggested that I take the contraceptive pill to regulate the hormones and then do a 3-month follow up with him. He said that my fibroids may grow and since I still have many more years to go before menopause, they may recur even if I were to undergo an operation to remove them.
To be honest, I have been on the Pill since aged 11 as I suffered from irregular prolonged periods of heavy bleeding.

I shuttled between the gynaecologist and the sinseh for the greater part of my life. I wad anaemic and weak most of my life.
My condition only stabilised about 10 years ago and I stopped consuming the Pill, thank God!
I told myself that I was not going to put myself on the Pill again! Sebastian prescribed Mediherb herbal remedies such as  Livco and a special herbal tea for fibroids. I confess I wasn't even very diligent with the regime, forgetting at times due to busyness. But I was diligent with my diet. He advised an anti-candida diet, which I followed closely for 6 weeks. It was painful in the beginning - no soy sauce, no soy products, no pork, no beef, no chicken and no social lunches. Then, I was downgraded to a no simple sugars, no white carbohydrates, no dairy, no hormones regime. It became easier for me. I do occasionally eat some beef and lamb. I no longer have sugar cravings which is wonderful. I no longer feel light-headed. I feel more focussed and my energy level has increased.
I also took up reiki to complement Sebastian's formula. In the process, emotional and spiritual healing took place.

I feel happier and healthier now. I lost 7 kgs of weight in 2.5 months without fasting or cutting down food intake. My menstrual flow is slightly lighter, I have minimal blood clots and I can function better instead of languishing in discomfort. It is just a readjustment of priorities and knowing what is good for my body.
I am still on the road to more healing. My next check up is in 6 months' time. I hope to get even better results.
Thanks for guiding me to an healthier path of living.

Noelle Yap - Civil servant

Prolapsed Piles

I suffered from prolapsed piles for more than 20 years.  A few years ago, I decided to go for a haemorhoidectomy (removal of piles).  It was an extremely painful affair which lasted 1 whole month.  I was told by the surgeon that the pain was well worth it as I would never have to suffer from piles again.  Well..... a few months after that I could feel the piles recurring, evidenced by the hardening of the anus and appearance of blood after passing motion.  Upon self examination, the piles were back.  I shared this with Sebastian.  He gave me gota kola to help shrink the piles.  I took it for about 2/3 months and the piles actually shrunk. I stopped for 1 month and they started to develop again.  After about another 2/3 months of gota kola, the piles shrank again and Sebastian put me on emblika.  This time, the piles did not return and the anus tissue softened.  My advice:  don't go for the operation unless you have abused your anus for the past 20 years like me.  At the first sign that you have got piles, go to Sebastian and get advice from him to treat it the natural way.  The pain of the operation was terrible and not worth it.  The other things which Sebastian helped me is part of another testimony.

Dr Lionel Lau - Director of school /Microbiologist

Skin disorder

I woke up one morning in March 2013 with a fever. I had a pounding headache and intense pain on my back, joint and muscles. The following day, I developed a throat infection , swollen gums and both my legs were covered with red spots. 


I went to the doctor and he didn’t even know I had dengue fever or diagnose me as such. I was just given a short consultation, given paracetamol and was out the door.


My fever didn't subside after taking the medication and I  went to consult the doctor again. Though the diagnosis was not definite, I was asked to stay in a dengue cluster area. He advised me to take a blood test at the hospital. The test results showed that I had low red blood platelet count and was prescribed high dosage of penicillin (antibiotic). I recovered from dengue fever a week later. 


However, this was the beginning of my nightmare. About a month later , I had a sudden breakout out on my face. Overnight, my face was covered with hundreds of skin lesions and the skin was inflamed and it felt like sandpaper. I was really devastated as this had never happened to me before. I have always had crystal clear and smooth skin and and never had any serious illness before. 


I went for numerous chemical peels, consulted several specialist skin doctors and no one could tell me the actual cause of my problem. I was further prescribed with antibiotics and it aggravated the situation. My skin became worst and in addition suffered from a urinary tract infection. I lost my confidence and went into severe depression. This lasted for for about a year and I was on the verge of losing hope. 


It was only about late April 2014 that I came upon Dr Sebastian's website and read about natural herbal supplements. I was very skeptical at first but decided to give it a try. 


I recalled my first visit at Dr Sebastian's clinic. He spent nearly an hour with me  to understand my condition. Almost immediately, he confirmed that my skin problem was due to the intake of antibiotics which caused the inflammation of my digestive system, which led to a condition known as Candidiasis.


Dr Sebastian put me on a 6 weeks diet program supplemented with carefully selected herbs. Within the first week, almost 80% of my skin lesions miraculously disappeared and gradually regained my health. Since then, I have never visited a conventional doctor and I am in the pink of health. My skin has never been so glowy and silky smooth. I look radiant and energized. I am heartened and grateful to Dr Sebastian for treating my illness and allow me to regain my self confidence. 


Alicia Long - Customer Service manager
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