Chronic itchy skin irritation at genital area with chronic gastritis, Jan 2012

I started my career as a project officer in 1990. My work involved supervision work in construction sites. During this time, rashes appeared at my most vulnerable area, my vulva area!!

The itch condition persisted for all these years even though there are no visible signs of inflammation. And the condition got worse through the years.
As usual, I went to consult with a Medical doctor, a General Practitioner. The initial diagnosis was skin allergy, skin eczema etc. etc.
The prescription - rasher cream, skin lotion; their advice was 'cotton undergarment, menses pad to be cotton-based, no tight pants etc.'
However, the prescription did not work and this was followed with stronger anti-biotic and creams. Still the itch got worst.
The feelings were like ants-crawling round my vulva! Is a terrible feeling. It was so itchy that I finally decided to shave the hair off.
The condition greatly impacted my daily work; Very often I need to rush to the toilet several times a day to ease the itch with cold water.
You could imagine how stressful it was; dealing with my daily work, my role as a mother of a baby and tolerating the unbearable itch condition.
As a result of the condition, my sleep quality was affected.

I tried all kinds of remedies from vinegar, salt water, herbs, acupuncture and a litany of doctors including skin specialists with no lasting result.
I then tried traditional Chinese medicine with a physician from China.

He was very curious about my unusual condition but he was patient with the treatment.
He tried all sorts of herbs and eventually it helped to relieve my condition (after 5years with 85% improvement).
I carried on with the herbs for another year or so, and I stopped eventually as the symptom was not as serious as before.
However, the condition got worst in Chinese New Year period in 2011.
I started applying all the creams etc. but the condition worsened especially when I was stressed out.
I prayed hard for an answer...YES! This time I got it!!

There came Sebastian, my ''saviour"!!
Sebastian was professional and knowledgeable in his field.
He was patient too. He suggested that I do a candida test while at the same time treating me with herbal medicine, diet and nutritional medicine.

I have never heard of candida in my life; not heard from any doctors.
True enough, the candida test reported a high level of the yeast in my body.
Sebastian explained the causes of candida and one of the causes is the past use of anti-biotic.
My health was not very good since my youth; I have many minor operations including a major brain tumour.
The long term and chronic use of certain medications and antibiotics in those days could have contributed to candida overgrowth and its associated symptoms.
My treatment involved a gut healing program, an anti-candida diet, herbs to inhibit them and herbs to promote lymphatic drainage. Sebastian also explained to me that my chronic work stress can be a trigger factor as well.

Gradually, I began to understand that naturopathy as practiced by Sebastian is to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms. For example my chronic stress and poor diet could have contributed to poor elimination via the lymphatic system and that is why the itch occurred at the vulva area.
I am very pleased with his treatment and have faith in him. Since November 2011, my condition had vastly improved. In addition, my chronic gastritis was also healed (together with my husband's chronic condition).

I am also very happy to have lost almost 10kg in weight. I don't have to spend money on slimming program anymore.
I am now feeling good and am able to live a healthful life; free from ''ants'' on my body.
Thanks, Sebastian and thank God for leading me to Sebastian!

Poh Lay Lay - Project Officer

Bleeding / Weak gum tissues

Two years ago, I realized  that there were blood stains whenever I spit out some saliva into the sink. The condition worsened when I brushed my teeth in the morning and before bed.    

Initially, I thought it was due to weak gum. My dentist did not think so. I then went to Sebastian for a consultation. He advised me to seek medical condition to rule out any serious pathology. Various tests such as endoscopy were performed but could not find any root cause and no serious diseases were detected. 

I went back to my naturopath for another consultation. Sebastian figured out that due to my body's constitution, I am prone to dryness and weak tissue especially when under tremendous stress. Indeed, that year was a stressful one for me. He put me on herbs such as Mediherb Vitanox and a tissue healing herb for strengthening my tissues. After a month, the bleeding stops and since then, no more recurrence.

Ambrose (not real name) - Designer


When I rushed to the A & E department sometime in October 2013, I feared that I had a recurrence of kidney stones. The pain was unbearable. The doctor diagnosed as acute gastritis. What was most distressing was that they found my blood sugar level was very high. I was told to take diabetic medications immediately and to have more follow up treatments. 

I decided to consult naturopath Sebastian Liew instead and follow his advise. He put me on a detox and herbal protocols, which include  lifestyle changes. I started regular exercise, nothing difficult, just by walking for 30 minutes after every meal, as suggested in his book. 

I cut back on refined carbohydrates, sugar and fruits. I started to feel healthier after 2 weeks and after a month, my blood sugar level returns to normal readings. Since then, I have lost 10kg .

I am very glad that I have made lifestyle changes that have led me to be more physically fit, healthier and stronger.  



Edmund Tan - Entrepreneur

Varicella (Chicken pox), Feb 2012

Just prior to the Chinese New year week, my son was down with chickenpox. The symptom – red dots becoming vesicles and milky white blisters, was very widespread all over the body. At the same time, he was suffering from low grade fever. A consultation with Sebastian involved herbs for his immunity and a blend to be applied topically on the affected areas. Surprisingly, he hardly complained of any severe itch, which is often associated with chickenpox. My son’s fever was healed within 2 or 3 days and the symptoms were all cleared within 10 to 12 days.

He also advised my 8 years old daughter to take some Phytolec and Bertram tablets for some protection against chicken pox. However, my daughter did get infected with chickenpox’s symptoms. But her ‘breakout’ was very mild. She recovered completely after 6 to 7 days.

Mrs Neo’s Son - Neo Jing Guan

Note:  In almost all cases, chicken pox is a self limiting disease. However chickenpox vaccination programmes though have substantially reduced incidence of chickenpox, has also reduced adult exposure to the virus. This lack of exposure has prevented the opportunity for a natural immune boost, leading to a rise in shingles among adults.

Cholesterol, high

I was quite taken aback when the report from my health check-up revealed my cholesterol levels were over the top and the ratio outside the recommended range. I knew I had to do something about my diet but I had little knowledge for that matter especially when people around me seem to have conflicting views on what food to avoid and what to consume more. I’m absolutely glad I consulted Dr. Sebastian who not only prescribed me some natural herbs and tea, but also empowered me with the proper knowledge of nutrition. There is a lot of wisdom in Dr. Sebastian’s natural treatment methods and his prescribed diet plan, though requires a certain amount of discipline to adhere to initially, eventually made each meal a joyful occasion for me. I had a blood test again 6 months later and my cholesterol levels were back to normal!"

Pei Song - trader

Chronic respiratory allergies & gastritis

I have been suffering from allergies, blocked/runny nose, gastric problems all my life, and have tried many different treatments to no avail. Neither have I thought these problems are related. 

After my return to Singapore, and with strong conviction to stay off pharmaceutical drugs and steroids, I was introduced to Dr Sebastian Liew's naturopathy through a friend. I consider his healing methods very holistic, and scientific at the same time. Through the intolerance test, I found out that my body is actually intolerant to foods that I have been eating. It was a relief for my family, as we no longer had to keep guessing what is making me bloated, irritable, and sometimes even colic cramps. The detox program was really good, and elevated my quality of life - I was at ease in my body, and I could finally breathe through my nose like a normal person. Initially, I was rather sad about how inconvenient life would be, cutting out these foods from my diet. Seeing the wonderful effects from the detox program, it was a clearcut choice between the 'inconvenience' and the quality of life. And life was not that grey after he introduced me to a "larger vocabulary" of foods and teas. 

I am grateful for Dr Liew's diagnosis and treatment, particularly his patience in understanding his patient as a whole person.

Highly recommended!

Lay Ping - Planner
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