Wart, September 2012

2 months ago I noticed a pink painful spot on my left index finger. It started to grow gradually and I could feel the pain radiating around it. No anti-inflammatory creams, natural or pharmaceutical could help. The doctor diagnosed as warts. Liquid nitrogen and a prescribed gel was applied to remove it. The spot actually reduced but gradually increased in size again. I sought Sebastian, a medical herbalist for an alternative to treat it. He prescribed the herb thuja essential oil to be applied neat on the spot daily. As he explained, warts are sign of immune deficiency caused by a virus infection. He then prescribed Andrographis complex 4 tabs to be taken daily to enhance the immune. Within 1 week, the tissue mass “dropped” off. He then asked me to apply fresh aloe vera gel (cut from fresh leaves) to heal the wound.

Mark (not his real name) - Business owner

Chronic anxiety

I am very sensitive to noises and movement of people around me. Whenever I felt threatened, my body reacts through rapid heartbeats, racing wild thoughts and a blank look. Having a happy and relaxed conversation is nearly impossible without feeling threatened and stressed.


Much as I wanted to, I did not seek professional help from a psychologist, a psychiatrist or a counselor because they operate during office hours, and it is difficult to take time off my busy work schedule for repeat consultations.


The accumulated, unreleased stress has a tremendous effect on my health. As I hit my forties, my body literally broke down. I got tired and breathless easily and experienced extreme mood swings, which I targeted at my innocent family members.


I was confused and tired when I made my first visit to Dr. Sebastian Liew in November 2009. He patiently sat down together with me for one and a half hours, trying to find solutions to make me better. He prescribed herbal supplements to increase my energy level, spelt habermus as cereal for nutrition, and drew up a diet plan for me. He also recommended a psychologist for my mental health. I only visited the psychologist once and gave up because I could not spare the time to see her during office hours for repeat consultations.


Though I am physically well, I was not happy. I shared with Dr. Sebastian Liew about my stressful mental battle with my family members through e-mails. I was at the point of giving up hope when Dr. Sebastian Liew recommended a stress management coach. Over coffee and milo, the coach listened to my worries patiently. He gave me four gentle but powerful sentences, which I recite in my heart as I walked home. It is really magical. I could talk and listen to my family members patiently. Now, the family environment has changed from hostile to peace.


I am thankful to Dr. Sebastian Liew for guiding and turning me from an unhappy, selfish and lifeless person to a happy, fun loving and a person with a vision for tomorrow.


To me, a happy person has a healthy body and a healthy mind. If a person is not physically healthy, he will not be happy. If a person is physically healthy but mentally stressed, he will not be happy too.


If you have a nagging wish to be happy and healthy, I am sure Dr. Sebastian will be happy to guide you, but you have to make the effort to make it happen.

Little Cactus (not her real name) - Administrator

Rotavirus in child

My 2 weeks ago, my son, Josiah, 2.5yrs old, had rotavirus. He had been vaccinated when he was a baby but vaccination does not offer full protection. He did not have any vomiting or diarrhoea which are classic symptoms of the virus. Instead, he suffered from severe bloated stomach and lost his appetite. Even intake of 2-3 tbsp of porridge would make him feel very bloated.

We went to see his pediatrician and her was given some medicine to treat his symptoms as there is no medicine to kill the virus (we were told). I did not want to give him things that can't really help treat the root cause. So, I took him to see Sebastian. He gave us liquid herbs, cat's claw and something to help treat the GI tract. Believe it or not, his bloating went away in 24 hours and his appetite returned. We really thank God for his improvement within a day. His condition improved steadily and he is now back to his old self. Thank you very much Sebastian for your help. By the way, do not worry about how bitter the herbs may taste because after a week, my son got used to it. I believe is a good thing to use safe phytomedicine for the long term if you wish to avoid conventional medicine unless really necessary.

Ong Siew Chan - Home maker

Chronic sinusitis/eczema & new vocation

I am grateful to a friend who introduced me to Sebastian Liew more than 12 years ago. After I heard from Sebastian about natural medicine and its benefits, I tried his herbal therapy, detox programme, change of diet, lifestyle and ever since then, I never turn back.  I was suffering from very severe sinusitis and eczema problems. Although my mum took great care of my health, I was still a sick child and frequently on medications. Only after Sebastian's programme did my body began to heal. Amazingly, my sinusitis and eczema improved tremendously with less and less recurrence and severity.  

Besides, I also like to thank him for leading me to my new career as a dance therapist.  Because of his pointer,  I was introduced to dance therapy. This led me to another phase of healing for myself -psychological and emotional issues from my childhood.

My healing journey has been enriched with herbs and therapy. Now as a dance therapist, I advocate the combination of a healthy lifestyle with herbs, proper healthy balance diet, self-care, stay close to nature and daily personal reflection in prayer in my life.  Life has become such a joy both for my personal/family and work life. My family was also transformed in the process. My parents took great interest in natural therapies and since then they led an active life with the help of phytotherapy and yoga exercises. My husband too started his interest in natural medicine.   

I encourage everyone to read Sebastian's book - From Leaf to Life.

It contains words of wisdom and insights, the secret to unlock to True Health and a healing journey to improve your quality of life and happiness.

I wish all of you love, blessings, great health, peace and happiness from Netherlands.

Elizabeth-Rutten Ng, MaDaT, DipEd - Dance/Movement therapist, Educator

Chronic cough and asthma

My son is four years old and used to get asthmatic cough almost every month.  When he was a young toddler, I would usually bring him to see a paediatrician and the doctor would usually prescribed him ventolin and asked me to put him on the inhaler for weeks or months (Flixotide, ventolin puff) as a preventer.  I would try not to put him on the inhaler for too long, however, the cough would come back again.   I brought him to see Sebastian and started him on Hart Tongue Drink daily.  Also, Sebastian asked me to avoid giving him milk.  It has been many months and my son did not develop cough at all during this time.  I’m glad that he does not have to take the medication and the inhaler anymore.   

Karen Neo - Business assistant


I had been suffering from abdominal pain, cramping, constipation and diarrhoea for a couple of years. After a colonoscopy procedure carried out in August 2012 by a specialist, a Gastroenterologist Consultant (the “doctor”), I was told that the pain and suffering was due to diverticulitis disease (inflammation of the pouch in the intestinal wall of the colon). The colonoscopy report shows that I had a small bulging pocket of tissue (sacs) on the right side of my colon, medical term called diverticulum.

 The doctor prescribed antibiotics to treat the infection / inflammation. I was advised to follow a low-fibre and liquid diet. However, the doctor had also suggested that should the pain persist, a procedure to remove the infected intestine might be necessary.

 I was both emotionally and physically affected when I was diagnosed with this disease. Antibiotics can’t address the root cause of diverticulitis. Personally, I do not believe in taking antibiotics to treat it. I tried to use my own method to manage my diverticulitis problem whenever there is an attack of pain. My past approach to manage the infection was to take a laxative substance such as castor oil (I presumed this is a more natural approach compare with taking antibiotics).  The infection had been recurring more and more often (from once a month to alternate days). This had affected my sleep. There were times I suffered severe pain for 3 consecutive nights.


My turning point came in November 2014 when my friend, Kim (not her real name, for illustration purpose only) recommended me to seek treatment and consultation from Sebastian. I followed Sebastian's instructions, his treatment and the diet plan he recommended and I noticed my health improved gradually. The treatment improved my bowel movement effectively, just within a week!


The discomfort and pain associated with diverticulosis has reduced much nowadays. I believe with discipline in following the right diet plan and committed to lead a healthy life style, the diverticulum disease could be effectively managed. I am not sure whether this disease can be fully cured but this does not bother me anymore. I am very pleased and felt blessed that I have acquired the right method to manage this disease with the prescription and guidance of Sebastian. 


I am heartened to express my gratitude to Sebastian for his holistic approach in treating my illness and not forgetting, my friend, Kim who has also played a very important role in recommending me to Sebastian. She is a person with a big heart, through her "sharing is caring spirit" I am now on the right direction to the road of recovery. 

 I feel as fresh as a daisy now bursting in good health. Thank you, Sebastian and Kim.






Chong Wai Ching - Executive
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