Chronic anxiety and insomnia

I am 38 years old , married to a loving husband and we both have a son. I have a wonderful job , friends and a good life.

The story started in 2008. I have suffered from a sleep disorder since my son’s birth. It usually took me 2 to 3 hrs to fall asleep. Many times I have wakeful sleep and not be able to get back to sleep. My condition affected everything in my life - my work, social life and home life.

I have 2 family members who have the same problem, so I decided to have psychiatry treatment to resolve this problem. I signed up for 6 months treatment but the medication never fully relieved my symptoms of anxiety and sleeping problem. I was very dissatisfied and disappointed. In addition, the drugs’side effects were tremendous.

On Aug, 2010, I visited Sebastian Liew Center. After consult with Dr Sebastian Liew, he gave me some advices and asked me to do some neurological tests to assess any deficiencies. He really helps me a lot and encourage me to be a confident person. After 2 months treatment on nutritional and herbal medicine , I started feeling better, my anxiety was completely gone and sleep quality improved tremendously.

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation to Dr Sebastian Liew for his patient and genuine attention that I received during my treatment.

The process has made a great positive change to my life. I hope others would be encouraged to try naturopathy. 

Cher Lee - Office executive

Chronic eczema, Leaky Gut syndrome and Candidiasis

I want to thank God for leading me to find Sebastian for my condition which had plagued me all my life. I suffered eczema from birth. During my growing up years, I remembered the times I scratched, bled and was scarred from the scratching. I consulted GPs, Chinese doctors, specialists at NSC (National Skin Centre) and in private practice. I took many types of medicine, Chinese herbs and steriods - both oral and topical. My condition would ease and return with the same severity and itch. Over the years, I resigned myself to my condition and accepted that it was hereditary.

Things took a turn late last year when my eczema flared up again. I took the usual course of steriod pills and steroid cream. I tried moisturizing my skin but the itch was relentless. I started to scratch and use scalding hot water to relieve the itch. My skin became very dry and painful. Red, inflamed patches of raised skin appeared on the folds of my elbows and behind my knees. The skin on my arms and legs peeled and flaked from the scratching. The final straw was when I decided to get a steriod injection to stop the itch.

The relief was a short two months and the flare-up came back with a greater vengeance. I was worried and realized that I was experiencing steroid withdrawal symptoms. That was then I knew I had to seek alternative types of treatment.

When I first saw Sebastian, my skin was a wreck. Where I could only take herbal supplements and natural remedies for my condition, I was fearful and doubted how I could make it through the treatment. I was scratching constantly, even when I was already bleeding from the sores. In the next two weeks, both my feet swelled from water retention. I could not walk for long and daily showers were a pain, literally. My skin was smarting horrendously from the water. I could not get a good night sleep for weeks. I was even fearful of eating. It was nightmarish.

Sebastian was very patient. He prescribed all that I needed and more. With his encouragement, his stories and comforting presence, he helped me to persist and stay on track with proper nutrition, diet and lifestyle changes.

At the onset, it was an not easy thing to do - changing the way I eat and the food choices I made when all these years, I have been brought up on this basis. I had to re-educate myself on what I should eat and what to look out for when eating out. The idea was to start small, start slow and I will get there eventually. In the meantime, I try to enjoy and reflect on the process, for life is a journey - for me, tedious but manageable by God’s grace.

I am a recovering eczema-leaky gut-candidasis sufferer, with my skin now rash-free. I still abstain from many foods especially that which I am intolerant to. I now seek out foods that I can eat safely and experiment preparing foods which I could eat. It has made me more mindful of what I am putting into my body, to eat healthily on what is available and to plan ahead when I am eating out or cooking for myself and my family. It is still mostly work and a bit of fun yet. Nonetheless, I am grateful for this opportunity to do things differently.

Now, I hope to inspire my family and my friends to do the same. Thank you, God and thank you, Sebastian.

Jasmyne Yap - Homemaker

Hypertension medication

When I first came to see Sebastian, I was suffering from pain in the knee joints. I am happy to say that the pain has disappeared. I think it was due to a combination of things: exercise, wearing the right type of shoes, diet and herbal prescription. I have also lost weight 5kg, to be exact.

But the best news I have had, since seeing Sebastian, is that I am off my medication for high blood pressure.

Recently, Sebastian introduced me to Parsley Elixir and I love it. It is easy to drink and I believe is responsible for me feeling less tired. I am in a better mood these days too. I am still seeing him as I am trying to cure my sinusitis, which is partly due to my cat. I am keeping my fingers crossed, as I will not give up my cat.


Chua Hui Ying - Writer

Lung Abscess

Firstly, I wish to thank you for solving my medical problem. But more importantly I feel that it is important to share my experience of this episode with the general public.

I am a 56 year old ethnic Chinese male; an active sportsman in my younger days and generally in good health.

On 3 Mar this year I had a coughing spasm and coughed out blood ( up to this point I felt well, no fever, no breathlessness..totally asymptomatic).

I immediately checked myself into a private hospital . X-rays revealed that there was abnormality in my right lung, a “shadow/white patch”.

I went through a series of tests the following 3 weeks…first a CT Scan, then a scope of my right lung and finally a “needle biopsy” where a piece of lung tissue was extracted for investigations.

Before the test results were out, I was put on regimen of Antibiotics and TB drugs for 7 weeks.

Tested negative for Cancer, TB and Fungus.

Antibiotics and TB drugs were taken off and replaced with Anti-inflammatory drugs, which I took for a further 9 weeks.

Although the “shadow “shrank when compared with the initial stage, it was still there after 16 weeks of medication.

The doctor stopped all medication and advised that I consider the option of Surgery.

I told him I would only decide after another X-Ray 5 weeks later.

I then consulted Sebastian Liew. I was prescribed a regimen of natural herbs, tea and a change of diet and lifestyle.

My X-ray on 23 Aug showed that the “shadow” has cleared.

The specialist doctor asked for another X-Ray in 8 weeks.

I am now in “maintenance” mode.

Thank you Sebastian

Patrick Lee - Business man

Rheumatoid arthritis

I am Sr winifred from Nepal, a Cluny sister. I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for last 8years the pain was paralyzing me I was on medication, I met Dr.Sebastian in Nepal in 2011 and he advised  me first to take medicine for indigestion where I was also suffering as well for Arthritis,since then no problem with indigestion and improving in joint pains, I can walk very well, can squat, so improving day by day.

I am very grateful to Dr Sebastian for his help and thank God for the gift of him as a naturopatic physician, May the Good Lord continue to grant him the gift of healing so that all those  who come to him may experience that power

Sister Winnie Mukhia - Catholic religious sister

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