Severe bloated stomach

In August 2010 last year, one month after trying for a baby, my stomach went from flat to severe bloatedness (size of a 5 month pregnant person's stomach) in a matter of seconds, right before my eyes. Except for a brief period in March-April 2011, my stomach stayed bloated and protruding all the way till end August 2011.

On top of the chronic stomach protrusion manifestation, I had chronic dermatological skin condition that seemed to worsen on a daily basis and all efforts to reduce the skin inflammation with paraben-free products did not help. My self esteem and confidence level was at an all time low, and i went through one year of depression. I was constantly plagued by chronic fatigue throughout this period which at that time i incorrectly attributed to normal aging process... For example, i would sleep for 10-12 hours and when i awoke, i was still extremely tired and sleepy... no amount of rest seem to get rid of my fatigue....

To make matters worse, the various doctors and professors that i went to told me that what i was experiencing was merely due to 'hormonal imbalances' and that my stomach condition was normal. I was so desperate, i went to see a Professor of Gynaecology (fertility) at a major hospital, who again told me that i was experiencng was due hormonal imbalances and was perfectly normal. Upon my further insistence, the professor took a second good look at my stomach and finally relented that the size and protrusion was not normal as i looked heavily pregnant (when i was not pregnant). The professor then recommended me to a Professor of Gastroencology at that same hospital. I had prior to seeing the Professor of Gastrocencology, gone for a blood and urine test with a GP in Malaysia and the test results showed that i was suffering from Helicobactor Plyori bacterial infection.

The last straw occured when i went to see the Professor of Gastroencology and he told me that nothing could be done for my stomach problem other than giving me a very low dose of a mild anti-depressent to numb my brain from sending 'the wrong signal' to my gut, thereby causing it to experience indigestion and bloatedness. I listened to the professor with utter horror at the professor's prognosis to my bloated stomach issue. When i showed the professor my H.Plyori test results, he insisted that i re-did the test using the Urea Breathe Test method, which again came back with a very high reading of H.Plyori bacterial infection. On top of the mild anti-depressent, the doctor gave me a course of 3 different types of medicine, 2 of which were courses of antibiotics specifically used to treat H.Plyori sufferers. I took home the medicine given but was adamant not to take the course of antibiotics as i have read the harmful effects of taking antibiotics, on the body's immune system.

While seeing the professors at the hospital, i had concurrently also looked up on a Naturopath whom i could see, and chanced upon Sebastian Liew Centre. The first time i saw Sebastian, he confessed to me that in his past 12 years of practice, he had never before seen any patient's stomach bloat and protrude to the extent that mine had. He said that it was a rather rare occurence. My heart sank when i heard this, but nonetheless, i was willing to give Naturopathy a try as a friend of mine from Australia had told me of how Naturopathy had helped her son eradicate issues with a genetic problem whereby the body not able to absorb nutrients and as a result his growth and development became somewhat stunted. Sebastian then went on to listen to me patiently on my health history and sequence of events and timeline from when my stomach protrusion started, to the present day. At the end of my first consultation, Sebastian asked me to do the following:

1) Take my Basal body temperature - day 2, 3 and 4 of my menstrual cycle. He explained that some thyroid sufferers have normal Thyroid clinical test results but in actual fact they were having sub-clinical thyroid issues and this basal temperature test would help verify that.

2) Candida yeast infection test - via saliva sample

3) Leaky Gut Syndrome test - via 6 hr urine sample

4) Comprehensive Female Hormone Profile test - via 24 hr urine sample

From the basal body temperature test, it showed that i did indeed have a sub-clinical thyroid problem and my comprehensive female hormone profile test results further affirmed this. My candida test results showed that i had a rather bad case of candidiasis. My Leaky Gut test results came back with 'extra-terrestrial' high readings and Sebastian admitted that it was THE highest readings he had ever seen among all his leaky gut sufferers patients.  Prior to seeing Sebastian, i had been diagnose with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and my comprehensive female hormone profile showed that i had an Insulin Resistence issue as well.

With the Functional test results confirming that i was suffering from Candidiasis, Leaky Gut, H.Plyori, PCOS and sub-clinical thyroid condition, Sebastian proceeded to put me on a 6 week programme of western herbal medicine for H.Plyori, GIT-2, Enzymes, Multiflora (probiotics), Bacto-Cand for candidiasis, EFA essentials, Pellitory foods (Bertram - Hildegard Medicine), Galangal minor powder (Hildegard Medicine) and a strict Elimination/Detox diet regime.

As a result of Leaky Gut syndrome, macromolecules, toxins and antigens are able to cross the intestinal barrier etc and the flood-gates of illnesses have started to flow into my bloodstream. The result of this is a whole possible range of clinical conditions such as Inflam. Bowel Disease, Irritable bowel, malabsorption, malnutrition, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's Disease, Autism, Coeliac Disease, dysbiosis, Inflam. joint disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Inflammatory bowel disease, Ankylosing spondylitis, Reiter's syndrome, Chronic dermatological conditions, Schizophrenia, Allergic disorders, food allergies, trauma, alcoholism, anti-inflammatory drugs / corticosteroids and chemotherapy.

Within 1 week of treatment, my protruding stomach shrunk to almost back to normal size, and within that same week my Chronic Fatigue has vanished. I am now able to sleep at midnight and wake up by 6am and have energy that will last me all the way to midnight without feeling tired at all. My severe skin condition cleared up by the 2nd week of treatment and now being in my 5th week of treatment, I can now conclusively say that i am 90% recovered.

Most importantly, my confidence level has increased tremendously, and i am no longer suffering from depression as a result of my stomach protrusion and severe dermatological conditions. I've regained energy that i have not felt in years and it's almost as if i have been given a new lease of life! My friends and family say that i look younger than ever, and friends have asked me what's my secret to looking so youthful? I explained to them that they would have thought otherwise if they saw me a few weeks ago....

Through this whole experience has sealed my faith in Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine, and Hildegard Medicine. Sebastian Liew's in-depth experience in all these three areas and with proper functional tests,  have helped determined the root cause of my stomach condition and successfully treated my illnesses the natural way through herbs and supplements from Mother Nature (without the use of antibiotics and other synthetic drugs that may have side effects).

I urge all of you to read the article below that i came across which explains my whole health condition, and i hope that more and more sufferers need not suffer needlessly like i did, and seek help the Naturopath way as early as possible. It could possibly save your life and the lives of your loved ones and friends around you...

Is Candida an Endocrine Disorder? - by the National Candida Society (UK)

Another interesting article i came across explains how candidiasis and a poor immune system by a pregnant mother can possibly cause babies to be susceptible to autism... I urge all would-be mothers, to read this....

Autism - causes and corrections

From my testimony, I hope more people will seek healing through the Naturopath way. It worked for me, and i am confident that it will work for many of you too.

Mrs Lee - Marketing manager

Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Just Poor Digestion? For many years, I've suffered from pain in the abdomen, gas, and recurring ulcers in the mouth.  I even went to see doctors about it.  One doctor suggested that I take gastric medication to alleviate the symptoms.  This helped for 1 week, but the symptoms would return and I simply stopped the medication.  Another doctor gave me medication specifically for irritable bowel syndrome and told me that it could not remove all the symptoms, but that that was the best that medical science had at the time.  Didn't help....... One of the side effects of irritable bowel syndrome, which not many tell you is that you pass motion very very often.  When you are in a very stressful job, you lead a life that is highly stressful and you are rushing about a lot.  This resulted in a lot of straining due to the many visits to the toilets which resulted in severe haemarrhoids or piles.  I suffered from this condition for many years.  How Sebastian helped me with this is part of another testimony.
Well, I discussed this with Sebastian and he proposed a number of options.  After taking fennel for a while, my abdominal cramps and gas subsided.  Next I started to watch my diet more closely, which is very difficult when leading a hectic life and job.  One of the major contributors was pork.  I really didn't belief this as I loved the meat and it featured prominently in my diet all my life.  One day, I experimented and went off pork for 2 weeks.  My ulcers subsided.  I went back on pork and the ulcers recurred.  I have since avoided the meat altogether (a difficult task considering that most of my favourite foods use pork).  Nowadays, I'm free of ulcers unless I slip or inadvertently take the meat.  I also did some research and found out that there are many people out there who suffer from allergy to pork, chicken, and many other meats.  It has been a revelation to me to discover that the inflammatory response is so common and that the triggers could be common foods we eat.  

Dr Lionel Lau - Microbiologist

Hemorrhoid, prolapsed

I suffered from prolapsed hemorrhoid in year 2013. The general surgery specialist doctor recommended an operation immediately to remove it as medication is not able to treat it. I was hesitant and consulted Sebastian for an alternative treatment. Sebastian gave me virita balm to apply on the hemorrhoid and Phytolec, a herbal extract of Phyllanthus emblica.

After a few days, the hemorrhoids erupted and there was a lot of bleeding. Almost right away, they shrunk and gradually disappeared.

Edmund Chua -

Infant’s Urinary tract infection

My son was diagnosed with urinary tract infection (UTI) when he was six months old. It was around Christmas - New Year holiday season. Though he had low grade fever, he was very restless and irritable. My instinct told me to bring him to a doctor first thing in the morning. Since he was only six month old , and had no visible symptoms ,  we decided to bring him to a pediatrician. The pediatrician suggested that it may be a viral fever. A urine test was done.

The urine test showed positive bacteria infection. The pediatrician advised us to treat him with a course of antibiotics. According to the doctor, the treatment protocol is usually aggressive because of potential risk of kidney infection . We refused to treat with antibiotics because I had long heard of the efficacy of Western herbal medicine ( TCM as well) for the treatment of UTI. It was not easy to say no.....

I consulted with Sebastian over the phone, whom we have come to regard as our family "physician" , and was assured that naturopathy may be able to treat UTI.

Before we leave the pediatrician clinic, we were told to sign  a document stating that we have been informed of the risks and  it is our decision to refuse conventional treatment.

I was naturally very worried about my son's welfare, especially after hearing the potential risks, if antibiotics are not consumed. Nevertheless, we decided to try naturopathic herbal medicine or phytomedicine.

We visited Sebastian right after to get the herbal tincture and probiotics for my baby. Within a day of administering  the tincture, the fever was gone. We were told to keep administering the medicine till the test result for UTI comes back as negative. It wasn't easy to force a baby to take medicine, especially when the baby looks pretty well to me ( except for frequent and loose stool, which persisted). I asked for Sebastian's permission to drop the dosage level as the baby's fever had subsided. I didn't realise that the infection was still active even though the fever subsided. My baby's second and third tests came back with positive bacteria infection.

All the pediatricians, clinic's staff and people around me urged me to treat my son as soon as possible with medication. When I told them that I was treating my son with Western herbal medicine, I was told that it would be futile and I am risking my son's health. The lymphocytes count was also extremely high.

I was under tremendous stress and anxiety but we persisted in using naturopathy as I was reassured by Sebastian that it will work and I trust him. Upon his advice, we followed the original dosage. My son's UTI was completely cleared within three days. The test result was negative and there was no need to do further culture. I felt like popping the champagne. 

If I would have followed the original dosage, the infection would have been gone within less than 2 weeks. 

I am very grateful for Sebastian's continual support during this stressful period, especially in taking care a young infant. 

By the way, I came to know that UTI can be tested with a home kit, which can be purchased from Guardian Pharmacy. When the dip test shows negative, we follow up with the feme test with the polyclinic. This saved us a couple of trips to the polyclinic.

We subsequently tested our baby's kidneys via ultrasound and they were fine.

Lastly, I should add that we had identified the bacteria E. coli from the first laboratory culture. We checked with Sebastian (on his instructions )that the herb tincture is indeed effective against E. coli.

Naturopathic phytomedicine, though gentle and working in harmony with the body is indeed effective for children's ailment even in infection cases. I have been told about the side effects of  pharmaceutical drugs, including damage to cell membranes, and safety of use in children or babies are not well established. 

I like the idea and philosophy of naturopathy and Western herbal medicine - supports children's immunity and empowerment of the body to heal itself. I highly recommend everyone to give it a try and see for yourself.

My husband, children and myself now prefer to use Western herbal medicines under Sebastian's naturopathic approach and professional guidance. We believe in strengthening and supporting our body's immune system to do the self healing. 

I hope more people will choose naturopathic phytomedicine to promote optimal wellness.

Mindy Tan - Home maker

Chronic Gout

I suffered from gout for many years and was on conventional medicine for many years without much long lasting success. I came to know about the natural medicine / herbs from Sebastian Liew. To my surprise, the process that i need to follow was relatively simple. I was asked to be on zero pork & white flour diet ( usually the list is pretty long ) the rest on moderate intake, including my forever favourite lamb chops & soya bean drink. and also herbs for my digestion. My gout attack on my joints had reduced tremendously (even though I may eat meat at times; usually they will flare up).  I strongly recommend the naturopathy method to those who have the same problem as mine

Jenson Ng - Operations Executive(marketing research )

Kidney disease – autoimmune

For more than 20 years, I've had an autoimmune problem which affects the kidneys. While the condition is being effectively controlled using western medication, I was uncomfortable with the increasing dosage required to keep it in check. So I decided to research naturopathic options & stumbled on Sebastian's website.

 In the 6 months since I started taking herbal blends & enzymes, my nephrologist has been surprised with the marked improvement in my condition. I'm continuing in my herbal therapy, supported by a diet that's more plant-based and with minimal dairy products. I believe this regiment is serving me well, given the good test results for 2 consecutive follow-ups with my nephrologist.


As naturopath, Sebastian Kneipp said, "Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health."


Weng Yang -
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