Chronic sinusitis/eczema & new vocation

I am grateful to a friend who introduced me to Sebastian Liew more than 12 years ago. After I heard from Sebastian about natural medicine and its benefits, I tried his herbal therapy, detox programme, change of diet, lifestyle and ever since then, I never turn back.  I was suffering from very severe sinusitis and eczema problems. Although my mum took great care of my health, I was still a sick child and frequently on medications. Only after Sebastian's programme did my body began to heal. Amazingly, my sinusitis and eczema improved tremendously with less and less recurrence and severity.  

Besides, I also like to thank him for leading me to my new career as a dance therapist.  Because of his pointer,  I was introduced to dance therapy. This led me to another phase of healing for myself -psychological and emotional issues from my childhood.

My healing journey has been enriched with herbs and therapy. Now as a dance therapist, I advocate the combination of a healthy lifestyle with herbs, proper healthy balance diet, self-care, stay close to nature and daily personal reflection in prayer in my life.  Life has become such a joy both for my personal/family and work life. My family was also transformed in the process. My parents took great interest in natural therapies and since then they led an active life with the help of phytotherapy and yoga exercises. My husband too started his interest in natural medicine.   

I encourage everyone to read Sebastian's book - From Leaf to Life.

It contains words of wisdom and insights, the secret to unlock to True Health and a healing journey to improve your quality of life and happiness.

I wish all of you love, blessings, great health, peace and happiness from Netherlands.

Elizabeth-Rutten Ng, MaDaT, DipEd - Dance/Movement therapist, Educator

Chronic cough and asthma

My son is four years old and used to get asthmatic cough almost every month.  When he was a young toddler, I would usually bring him to see a paediatrician and the doctor would usually prescribed him ventolin and asked me to put him on the inhaler for weeks or months (Flixotide, ventolin puff) as a preventer.  I would try not to put him on the inhaler for too long, however, the cough would come back again.   I brought him to see Sebastian and started him on Hart Tongue Drink daily.  Also, Sebastian asked me to avoid giving him milk.  It has been many months and my son did not develop cough at all during this time.  I’m glad that he does not have to take the medication and the inhaler anymore.   

Karen Neo - Business assistant


I had been suffering from abdominal pain, cramping, constipation and diarrhoea for a couple of years. After a colonoscopy procedure carried out in August 2012 by a specialist, a Gastroenterologist Consultant (the “doctor”), I was told that the pain and suffering was due to diverticulitis disease (inflammation of the pouch in the intestinal wall of the colon). The colonoscopy report shows that I had a small bulging pocket of tissue (sacs) on the right side of my colon, medical term called diverticulum.

 The doctor prescribed antibiotics to treat the infection / inflammation. I was advised to follow a low-fibre and liquid diet. However, the doctor had also suggested that should the pain persist, a procedure to remove the infected intestine might be necessary.

 I was both emotionally and physically affected when I was diagnosed with this disease. Antibiotics can’t address the root cause of diverticulitis. Personally, I do not believe in taking antibiotics to treat it. I tried to use my own method to manage my diverticulitis problem whenever there is an attack of pain. My past approach to manage the infection was to take a laxative substance such as castor oil (I presumed this is a more natural approach compare with taking antibiotics).  The infection had been recurring more and more often (from once a month to alternate days). This had affected my sleep. There were times I suffered severe pain for 3 consecutive nights.


My turning point came in November 2014 when my friend, Kim (not her real name, for illustration purpose only) recommended me to seek treatment and consultation from Sebastian. I followed Sebastian's instructions, his treatment and the diet plan he recommended and I noticed my health improved gradually. The treatment improved my bowel movement effectively, just within a week!


The discomfort and pain associated with diverticulosis has reduced much nowadays. I believe with discipline in following the right diet plan and committed to lead a healthy life style, the diverticulum disease could be effectively managed. I am not sure whether this disease can be fully cured but this does not bother me anymore. I am very pleased and felt blessed that I have acquired the right method to manage this disease with the prescription and guidance of Sebastian. 


I am heartened to express my gratitude to Sebastian for his holistic approach in treating my illness and not forgetting, my friend, Kim who has also played a very important role in recommending me to Sebastian. She is a person with a big heart, through her "sharing is caring spirit" I am now on the right direction to the road of recovery. 

 I feel as fresh as a daisy now bursting in good health. Thank you, Sebastian and Kim.






Chong Wai Ching - Executive

Chronic bronchitis, fever and respiratory disorders (children)

At four months-old, our son, Zinedine was hospitalized for four days and we were told by the doctor that he was suffering from a lung infection. 

Subsequently, he was often down with bronchitis, high fever and respiratory problems. He wheezed terribly whenever he had a cough or flu. The pediatrician prescribed a stronger medicine each time we visited him. Anti-biotics seemed to have become a part of his daily diet. He was frequently put on a nebuliser due to bronchitis. We always ended up paying hundreds of dollars at each visit as we were consulting a reputable pediatrician at a private hospital. My husband and I were also taking turns going on leave to take care of our son. 

Soon, we started worrying about the kind of medicine our son had been taking. Our worries grew each time we read about the side effects of Western drugs. We tried out Traditional Chinese Medicine but it didn’t work for us either. 

Through a friend’s recommendation, we came to know of Sebastian Liew and how Naturopathy works. He did a food allergy test for Zinedine and found that he was reactive towards certain types of food. He worked out a diet plan for Zinedine and prescribed him some formulated herbal remedies to boost his immunity. He also taught us some simple hydrotherapy techniques and guided me over the phone whenever a health situation cropped up at home. He gives us emotional support too by listening attentively and giving us practical advice on health issues.  

Significant improvements could be seen in Zinedine after seeing Sebastian for three months - he fell sick less frequently and his appetite grew! Most importantly, we are happy to know that our children are taking natural foods free from chemicals! 

Karren Kok –Lim - Early childhood educator

Chronic asthma and cough

My son is 3 years old and used to get chronic cough.  Every couple of months or less, he would come down with a cold (likely from preschool) which would develop into a nasty and prolonged cough.  The cough would wake him up at night and the early morning.  During the more severe bouts, he would also have to sit during the day because he kept coughing and sometimes, almost wheezing.  We would bring him to the paedatrician who would put him on the nabaliser and give us the Ventolin puff and other medication to take over several weeks.  However, a few weeks later, the cough would return.


I brought him to see Sebastian and started him on a daily routine of Emblika, MagOpti, Hart Tongue and fennel tea.  We also rubbed SL Purify essential oil on his chest and armpits every morning and afternoon, to boost his immune system. 


It has been about 3 months and my boy did not develop a cough at all during this time.  Just as I was about to write this testimonial, he did come down with a cough but it cleared after a few days.  We did not have to bring him to the paedatrician at all and I'm glad he doesn't have to take all the medication & use the Ventoilin puff.  Many thanks to Sebastian!

Jacinta Kueh - IT consultant

central serous chorioretinopathy (Visual disorder)

I experienced sudden onset of blurry vision in my left eye after a flight to Taiwan in December 2014. After consulting with medical herbalist Sebastian Liew, he advised me to see an eye specialist to confirm the diagnosis.

After several tests, I was diagnosed with central serous chorioretinopathy. According to my eye doctor, the disorder is characterized by fluid leaking from tissues behind the retina into mostly the central macula area, resulting in detaching the macula from the tissue that supports it. The condition usually occurs in those high stressed individuals. No treatment was given as he believed that it was caused by stress. He told me that if the condition persists, laser treatment may be necessary.

I agreed with the doctor about the cause of my condition as I was having a lot of work stress for the past few months. After consultation with Liew, he believed from his differential diagnosis that my condition was due to high cortisol level (stress hormones), characterised by genetic tissue weakness, poor microcirculation caused by stagnant blood and a body type that is prone to inflammation.

I was put on herbal protocol of:

  • Turmeric extract from SL Nutraceutical turmeric complex
  • Herbs such as Gotu-kola,Gingko and Grape-seed to promote micro blood circulation, reduce tissue      fluid retention and enhance tissue strength.
  • Rhodiola complex and magnesium  to reduce cortisol level
  • Daily eyes wash with the  Phytolec ™ powder (Phyllanthus emblica). This eye wash is particularly effective to reduce  inflammation.

After 3 weeks, ophthalmologic evaluation revealed that there was some reduction in the fluid leakage. By the 7th week, the condition returns back to normal and visual acuity had greatly improved.

Ann Wee Kuang - Interior designer
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