Eye (Oxidative damage)

I consulted Sebastian sometime in Feb 2011 as I kept seeing flashes of white light at both corners of my eyes.  Prior to that, I had the same experience in mid 2010. I consulted the eyes specialist who told me nothing could be treated for floaters.  Since then I have been on periodic checks for my eyes by the specialist to ensure the retinas are in good conditions.
After learning about my condition, Sebastian sent me for a Candida antibodies check. The result is positive.   I was put on a strict 4 weeks program that involves anti-Candida diet, prescribed anti-Candida herbs and nutritional supplement.   By the first week, the frequency of seeing the flashes of white light was reduced.  By the third week, it completely disappeared.
I'm no longer troubled by the white light anymore and  am thankful to Sebastian for using a different and yet effective approach in treating my eyes problem.  

Ann Tan - HR manager


I came to know Sebastian Liew from word of mouth and on introduction from friends. My symptoms - when i first saw him was vaginal dryness. I am a medical doctor with a diagnosis of menopause. I have tried multiple types of therapy and conventional medicine. As my body has multiple allergic reactions to medications and food, all the treatments have to be stopped to end the symptoms. 

Sebastian is very skillful as he manages to give me nutrients and herbs to regulate my body symptoms and I am very well now. Thanks to Sebastian 

Dr W.G. Tan - Family doctor

Hair loss

Your hair Loss essential oil blend together with coconut oil is very good.

My brother started to notice less hair loss, after using it for about a month.  Now all the males in our family who are having hair loss are asking for it.

 Thank you Sebastian for your personalised herbal blend for hair loss.



Winnie Chan - Business owner

Eyes’ allergy

My son's suffered from a constant symptoms of itchy eyes. He was given 2 bottles of eye drops by the doctor but without success. Sebastian blended a eye wash solution, which consists of a few herbs including eyebright and oral lymphodran plus. The symptoms cleared up after 3 days of herbal medicine and eye wash.

Mrs Kueh - Home maker


I have undergone a treatment for my tonsil problem which has been recurring monthly since I was a kid, under the care of Dr Sebastian Liew. Prior to that, I was advised to undergo surgery to eradicate this issue that has been affecting my well being. I was reluctant hence decided to experiment with natural medicine. At first I was skeptical as I thought nothing can be as powerful as antibiotics. I took the prescribed herbal formulae daily and I am happy to say that my tonsil problem has not flared up for six months. When I first got an inflammation, Dr Liew’s herbs helped me to clear the inflammation and pain within 2 days. I strongly recommend the naturopathic method to those who have the same problem

Alex Wong - Student

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

I used to suffer from Polycystic Ovary syndrome (PCOS) and could go without a period for more than 6 months. I went to a gynecologist and was prescribed Yasmin, a type of birth control pills to help induce my period.  I was asked to take one pill a day and my period arrived 30 days later. However, once I stopped the prescription, my period became non-existent again. Besides that, I have experienced nasty side effects from the birth control pills such as weight gain, fatigue, etc.


I chanced upon Sebastian's website and  immediately scheduled an appointment with him. On my first visit, Sebastian looked at my nails and tongue, asked me how I was feeling and arranged a urine test to further understand my hormones level. My urine test results indicated a few hormones that were out of place. Sebastian prescribed me vitex, a mixed liquid herb, chromium and milk thistle to help with my insulin resistance( Insulin resistance comes hand in hand with PCOS) and to balance my hormones. I was also advised on the diet I should have.  After 1 month, my period arrived! And it arrived subsequently every month! I am now free from any supplements and herbs and my period is still regular. 


I really urge all females with hormonal imbalances to treat the root cause of the problem in a holistic way. Conventional medications will only mask the symptoms without offering you any relief. I have even recommended another friend with PCOS to consult Sebastian and she has also experienced nothing but positive effects from the herbs, supplements and diet. We are so happy that we no longer have to rely on birth control pills to have a period. Besides that, the weight is also slowly coming off, and we no longer experience terrible mood swings! We really have to thank Sebastian our saviour! 

Tan Hui Min - student (at time of treatment)
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