Lung Abscess

Firstly, I wish to thank you for solving my medical problem. But more importantly I feel that it is important to share my experience of this episode with the general public.

I am a 56 year old ethnic Chinese male; an active sportsman in my younger days and generally in good health.

On 3 Mar this year I had a coughing spasm and coughed out blood ( up to this point I felt well, no fever, no breathlessness..totally asymptomatic).

I immediately checked myself into a private hospital . X-rays revealed that there was abnormality in my right lung, a “shadow/white patch”.

I went through a series of tests the following 3 weeks…first a CT Scan, then a scope of my right lung and finally a “needle biopsy” where a piece of lung tissue was extracted for investigations.

Before the test results were out, I was put on regimen of Antibiotics and TB drugs for 7 weeks.

Tested negative for Cancer, TB and Fungus.

Antibiotics and TB drugs were taken off and replaced with Anti-inflammatory drugs, which I took for a further 9 weeks.

Although the “shadow “shrank when compared with the initial stage, it was still there after 16 weeks of medication.

The doctor stopped all medication and advised that I consider the option of Surgery.

I told him I would only decide after another X-Ray 5 weeks later.

I then consulted Sebastian Liew. I was prescribed a regimen of natural herbs, tea and a change of diet and lifestyle.

My X-ray on 23 Aug showed that the “shadow” has cleared.

The specialist doctor asked for another X-Ray in 8 weeks.

I am now in “maintenance” mode.

Thank you Sebastian

Patrick Lee - Business man

Rheumatoid arthritis

I am Sr winifred from Nepal, a Cluny sister. I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for last 8years the pain was paralyzing me I was on medication, I met Dr.Sebastian in Nepal in 2011 and he advised  me first to take medicine for indigestion where I was also suffering as well for Arthritis,since then no problem with indigestion and improving in joint pains, I can walk very well, can squat, so improving day by day.

I am very grateful to Dr Sebastian for his help and thank God for the gift of him as a naturopatic physician, May the Good Lord continue to grant him the gift of healing so that all those  who come to him may experience that power

Sister Winnie Mukhia - Catholic religious sister

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Hepatitis B

Ever since my first blood donation was rejected back in 1991 due to the fact that I'm a Hepatitis B virus carrier, I've been very cautious in trying to maintain and if possible improve my condition. But it proved to be challenging, despite the many supplements, exercises and lifestyle changes. Other than the regular check-ups and supplement, I have not been able to make any real improvements.


This changed a couple of years ago when my wife introduced me to Dr. Sebastian Liew's Naturopathy practice. I was skeptical at first since I was very much drilled into believing that only the western medicines and treatment would heal anyone. Nevertheless, I started going along with Dr. Sebastian's diagnosis and treatment plans, with everything natural. He also prescribed on-going herb-based supplements that enhanced the liver function. I took the supplements faithfully and had regular consultations with Dr. Sebastian. He also made periodic changes to the supplements I took in order to treat different aspects of my condition.


This went on for a few years. While it may not be obvious to anyone what improvements I may have on surface, nevertheless, my liver did improve. One of the tests I have been doing for years (Liver Function Test - that measures SGPT, liver damage) showed that the marker is always above the normal range, until the most recent test I did a month ago. For the first time, the marker has gone back to the normal range, I couldn't believe it. Not only that, the other test that I've been doing for the last 5 years (HBV Viral Load test) has also been showing improvements, year-on-year.

 This greatly motivated me to continue treatment under Dr. Sebastian, with the hope that perhaps one day my liver will improve to the point of having antibodies against Hepatitis B and I will be free from the virus altogether.

Hopeful patient - IT manager

Chronic eczema and dry skin

I have always had eczema. However, the patches are usually small and manageable.

Last year, sometime after National Day, I noticed that when I rubbed my hands together, dry skin, like fine powder flew into the air. Soon after that, my elbows started too itched badly and the skin on both arms also started to flake, like snow. The old patch of eczema on my left foot flared up. It started to itch badly and because I scratched it, the skin broke and there was a lot of pus.

I visited a doctor who prescribed me some antibiotics and steroid creams. I was very happy when the problem stopped and the skin condition seemed to improve. About a week later, the problem came back. Even though I did not scratch, the skin on my foot broke again and became wet and weepy. It just won’t heal. 

In addition, the itch was terrible and it was so bad that I could not sleep at night. Parts of my face, my neck and my arms turned red and skin flaked off constantly. I hated bathing as after that, I would itch even more and red spots, like hives would appear.

I decided to see a skin specialist. I was put on two weeks of steroids and stronger steroid creams. My condition improved but I couldn’t sleep. Most nights, I slept for only 2 hours. Though I was very tired, I just couldn’t fall asleep, day or night.

I felt really desperate and wondered if I would ever get well.

By chance, I got to know about Dr Liew. I decided to visit him in November 2013.

Dr Liew suggested that I get tested for candida infection and food intolerance. The test came back positive. Dr Liew proposed a treatment plan and prescribed various herbs and supplements for me.

Initially, I was doubtful as to whether the treatment would really work. Also, it involved a three day fast which sounded really tough.

However, under Dr Liew’s encouragement, I completed the fast!

Initially, things were pretty much the same. After 2 to 3 months of treatment, my skin condition started to improve. The skin stopped weeping and flaking. The itch was greatly reduced and I could sleep very well.

Now, after 6 months, my eczema is gone. Although I still have some minor skin irritations, the eczema on my foot has healed completely. The areas on my face, neck and arms no longer flakes or itch.

I want to thank Dr Liew as he was very professional, patient and assuring. I am glad I took that first step to see him.   


Jennifer Zou - Librarian

Cold sores

 cold sore recovered

An extremely stressful past 3 months resulted in cold sore on my lips and initially I thought the painful tingling sensation at the edge of my lips is the beginning of a pimple growth so I just dabbed some tea tree oil.

To my horror when I woke up the next morning I had blisters on my lips! The pharmacist recommended an ointment and though the blisters broke and somewhat subsided the broken skin did not heal and kept bleeding. The wound on the lips not only looks unsightly it was painful as well. What a nightmare! I finally made time to see my naturopath doctor at Sebastian Liew Center and he prescribed an herbal tincture with oral supplement.

And on first application of the tincture I woke up the next day noticing that most of the broken skin on my lips have "closed" up and significantly healed very nicely and a small part had solidly scabbed. Woohoo! At least there are no more painful bleeding lips and I'm recovering. If I were to stay on the over the counter ointment from the pharmacy I would probably suffer for another 2-3 weeks. Once again natural medicine affirms my confidence and faith in natural

Ween - Executive


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