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There is now a new paradigm in healthcare which focuses on interrelationship of the body, mind, emotions and social factors and nature. It is gradually replacing the old paradigm which views the body as a machine that can be fixed with drugs and surgery, and promotes the health of body and soul by supporting the body’s own healing processes.

Naturopathic phytotherapy (as this is called in Europe) is a modern science based herbal medicine, combining conventional medical sciences and traditional knowledge of plant medicine. These are applied within a holistic framework; addressing the needs of the physical body, mind and the spirit and to treat or prevent the perceived root causes of diseases rather than merely suppressing the symptoms. 

 If you want to be well, you have to work on all aspects of your being, not just the physical body. Symptoms such as a cough, cold, pain or even emotions are ways to get your attention; to look deeper into your lifestyle.

 As written in my book Leaf to Life, some of the greatest stumbling blocks to health, are: 

 1.The failure to acknowledge that psychological and spiritual stress can lead to breakdown of the body.

 2.The patient’s failure to take full responsibility for his or her own healing journey.

 3.The failure to recognize that nature in the form of herbs, diet, sunlight, pure water, and the environment can heal you. There is almost a drug-free approach for every disease condition.

 It is better to educate than to medicate. 

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